Specific immunotherapy (SIT) of cat

In cats allergies occur quite frequently. In contrast to dogs the symtoms of atopic cats are very variable on of them easily relating to atopic disease.
For cats the pattern of positive reactions in the serum test, given the animal is suffering from an atopic disease, is similar to that of the dog. Most frequently seen is a positive reaction to non seasonal allergens. Within this group most positive reactions occur against mites
(e.g. storage mites, house dust mites).

Positive reactions against pollens (e.g. trees, herbs and grasses) are observed less frequently.
Our data show though that in rare cases reactions solely to these seasonal allergens can cause significant clinical symptoms.



So far there existed very little data on the outcome of the SIT (specific immunotherapy) in cats. Results of a survey carried out in our lab are shown below. The data suggest that in parallel to the dog the SIT is a rather efficient therapy in atopic diseases of the cat. While comparing different approaches for the therapy of allergies the fact that the specific immunotherapy is well tolerated without any serious side effects should be taken into account.

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