Blood groups in cats

genetic  test

In rare cases serologically testes A cats are carriers of recessive b genes. Offspring of these animals will be carriers of at least one b allel in 50% of the cases. This is the explanation of rare bb kitten from serologically A cats with B tomcats or even A tom cats.

Knowing of this problem we have established a genetic test for the blood groups to genetically differentiate the A cats prior to breeding. We carry out the test on top of serology blood grouping and for the genetic test. Each of the tests performed is controlled within the assay by a second test to provide optimum security.  

serological  test

In the cat exists three different blood groups: 
A, B and AB.

  • Inheritance

They are inherited in an autosomal dominant trait with two alleles at the same gene. A is  dominant over  B.
So cats with blood group A may be either  homozygote (A/A) or heterozygote (A/B) Cats with blood group B are always homozygote for B (B/B).
Some cats express both alleles on the erythrocyte membrane. These animals have the blood group AB. There seems to be a third gene that suppresses the dominance of A.

  • Incompatibility

In feline medicine it is absolutely important to know the right blood group before transfusion and breeding.
Cats will show severe signs of  incompatibility if a non matching blood group in transfused. For breeders it is essential to know the blood group of the queen and tom, because of a syndrome called neonatal  isoerythrolysis (FNI).
If a B-group queen is mated to an A-tom at least 75% of the kittens have blood group A.

Feline A,B, AB
Because of the alloantibodies against blood group A given from the queen via the collostrum some kittens will suffer from  the occuring haemolysis.

  •   Distribution of blood groups in the cat population

Distribution tested by LABOKLIN

  •   Distribution of blood groups in certain breeds tested by LABOKLIN

(our investigations, n=722)

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