large animals

 training check for competition horses 
 A. values at rest (samples taken before exercising)
    • AST, CK, LDH, lactate

B. values after exercising
    • immediately: lactate
    • after 30 minutes: AST, CK, LDH
    • after 60 minutes: AST, CK, LDH
 small screen horse 
 GLDH, g-GT, LDH, CK, urea, creatinine, proteine
 large screen horse 
 albumin, AP, bilirubin, CK, cholesterol, protein, g-GT, Mg, PO4, Ca, AST, GLDH, LDH, globuline, creatinine, urea, K, Na, Fe, glucose + blood profile  available
 fertility / infertility of cows 
 Ca, PO4, Mg,  AST, b-HBS, b-carotine
 screen ruminants 
 proteine, urea, cholesterol, GLDH, NEFA,  AST, g-GT, bilirubin, Ca, PO4, b-HBS
+ blood profile  available
 downer-cow symdrome 
 Ca, PO4, Mg, AST, CK, urea, proteine
 fecal screen cattle 
 bacteriological examination, rota- and coronavirus, cryptosporidia
 screen muscular diseases 
 ALD, CK, a-HBDH, AST, LDH, Na, K, Ca, PO4, Mg, Fe 

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