clinical biochemistry/haematology




a-AmylaseS, HP, EP photometry

dog              cat

  • non specific for pancreas
  • detection in combination with lipase

g -GT  

S, HP, EP photometry

dog        cat    horse cattle



  • non liver specific
  • but:                                    increase only in liver disease or gallbladder disorder


  • of  no meaning > W. Kraft (1981)


  • increased concentrations are an indicator for cholestasis
  • increase in colics and other liver disorder
a -HBDH   S, HP, EPphotometry

dog       cat    horse cattle

  • isoenzym of LDH
  • non muscle specific, only in combination with LDH for cardiac muscle disorder
b -Hydroxy-butyrat (b-HBS) photometrycattle1
  • detection of keton bodies
ALD   Sphotometrydog      cat   horse  cattle1
  • unspecific
  • muscle enzyme
  • myopathies
alkaline phosphatase  fat tissue  vomitmass spektros-copydog      cat    horse cattle7
  • main agent is E605
  • indirecter detecttion with cholinesterase activity in serum
allergy (main test)   FcEpsilon-receptortestdog        cat     horse3
  • differentiation of perenial and saisonal allergens
  • horse: additional test for insect allergies
allergy (pre-screening)   SFcEpsilon-receptortest dog       cat    horse3
  • Screening perenial and saisonal allergens in groups
  • dog/cat: additional test for flea saliva
ALT (GPT)    S, HP, EPphotometrydog            cat1
  • liverspecific in do/cat
Sphotometryall species1
  • unspezific

AP (65 C)   Sphotometrydog        cat1
  • temperature resistant isoenzym of AP
  • induction due to steroid hormones
Arsen morning urine                (30 ml)  all species7
  • slow decretion in urine
  • storage in skin, fur, nails
AST (GOT)  S, HP, EP photometryall species1
  • increase in muscle and liver disease
Bilirubin, direct  S, HP, EPphotometryall species 1
  • only reasonable when total bilirubin is increased
Bilirubin, totalS, HP, EP photometryall species1
lead EB
min. 2ml  
all species1-5
  • only in acute poisoning detectable
blood profile (large)EB, blood smearflowcytometry with peroxidase-stainingall species1
  • differentiation of leucocytes(absolute and relative)
  • erythrocyte morphology
  • thrombocytes
  • please send in an additional blood smear
blood profile (small)EBflowcytometry with peroxidase-stainingall species1
  • erythrocytes
  • leukocytes
  • haemoglobin
  • PCV
cadmium, mercuryurine (100 ml) ATG,BAT all species7
calcium   Sphotometryall species1
potentiometryall species1
cholesterol   S, HPphotometryall species1
  • starving for 12 hours
CK  S, EP, HP photometryall species1
  • muscle specific
  • increase in cows with  metritis
(rat poison) 
vomit   EDTAall species7
  • detection as well in contaminated food (eg. sausage)
  • detection of clotting time
differential countEB, blood smearflowcytometry with peroxi-dasestaining,
all species1
ironSphotometryall species1

factor IX   

CP (1:10)coagulometer

dog       cat   horse


  • haemophilia B
  • only if PTT is prolonged
factor VIII    CP (1:10)coagulometerdog      cat  horse   1
  • haemophilia A
  • only if PTT is prolonged
CP (1:10) coagulometerdog      cat 1
fructosamine   photometrydog        cat1
  • therapy control in  Diabetes mellitus patients
  • differentiation of spontaneous stressrelated hyperglycaemia  and Diabetes mellitus
food allergy testS  ELISAdog       cat   horse3
  • dog/cat                                      15 allergenes IgE- and IgG-antibodies
  • horse
    - 6 allergenes
bile acids     Sphotometrydog       cat1
  • in compensation for ammonia because of its instability in transported samples
  • a stimulation test is preferable
total protein  S, HP, CSFphotometryall species1
GLDH   S,  HPphotometryall species1
  • liverspecific
glucose  NaFlB,  CSF, urinephotometryall species1
  • stressrelated hypergycaemia can be excluded by detection of fructosamines.
urine acid  S, HP  dog
  • metabolic disorder in Dalmatians
urine sediment   morning urinemicroscopyall species1
urine status   
morning urinedry chemistryall species1
urolith analysis   urolithchemistryall species 1
ureaS, HP photometryall species 1
  • serum concentration can depend on diet
  • test  for creatinin as well
Hyposensitisation  dog      cat   horse21
  • Hyposensitisation for saisonale and perenial allergens 
  • horse: additional hyposensitisation for insect allergens possible
potassium  SISEall species1
S, HP photometryall species1
  • detection of renal failure
  • in combination with urea
  • to detect early stages of renal dysfunction protein-/creatinin-ratio(U-P/C) in urine (cystocentesis)should be measured.
copper  Sphotometry all species1
  • part of different enzymes
laktat    NaFlPphotometryall species1
  • is caused by anaerocic glycolysis
LDH   S, HPphotometryall species1
  • 5 isoenzyme
  • not organ specific
lipase   S, HP photometrydog       cat1
  • prolonged activity in comparisson with amylase
  • for diagnosing of pancreatic dysfunctionit is recommended to detect bothenzymes
magnesium   Sphotometryall species 1
MCV, MCHC, MCH   EBall species  1
  • differentiation of aenemias
  • volume of erythrocytes changes with aging of blood
sodium  potentio-metryall species1
Spotentio-metrydog 1
  • ratio < 27:1 can confirm the suspicion of M. Addison.
NEFA Sphotometrycat  1
  • fat mobilisation syndrome

partiell thromboplastin time (PTT)   

CP (1:10)coagulometerall species1
  • test for detection of deficiencies of the intrinsic coagulation
phenole, nitrosonaphtol, indikan   morning urine (obligatory) photometrydog, cat,
horse, cattle
  • for differential diagnosis of bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine
phosphate, anorganicS, HP photo-metrisch dog, cat,
horse, cattle
urinephotometry dog, cat 1
  • early detection of renal dysfunction
reticulocytes      EBdog, cat 1
  • differentiation of regenerative and nonregenerative anaemias
selenium  AASdog, cat,
horse, cattle
  • alimentary muscular dystrophy in the foal
  • bovine fertility disorders
thallium (rodenticide) morning urine, stomach content, hair   dog, cat,
horse, cattle
  • detection of acute toxication via stomach content and urine
  • detection of chronic toxication via examination of hair
thrombin time     CP (1:10)coagulometerdog, cat,
  • tests the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
  • therapy control after treatment with heparin or streptokinase
  • suspicion of disseminated intravascular coagulation
thromboplastin time (Quick)  CP (1:10)coagulometerdog, cat,
  • screening test for the extrinsic coagulation
  • suspicion of toxication with  vitamin K-antagonists (Cumarin/ Warfarin-derivatives)
  • therapy control following vitamin K administration
EBdog, cat;
horse, cattle
von Willebrand antigen   CP (1:10)ELISAdog7
  • diagnosis of deficiency or inherited disorder
  • molecular genetic test available for some breeds
cellular immune status:
blood profile large, T-, B-, CD4-, CD8-cells
EBflow cytometry  dog, cat, horse, (cattle)2
  • includes large blood profile and determination of relative and absolute numbers of periphery lymphocytes, T-, B-, CD4-positive  (helper-T cells) and CD8-positive (cytotoxic T-cells) cells.
  • blood sample for the immune status should not be older than 24 hours!
  • test is performed on Wednesday and Friday


  • FeLV, monitoring of the infection status and determination  of current phase of illness in FIV positive cats.


  • diagnostic aid for pyodermia, demodicosis, SLE and leishmaniosis, congenital
    T-cell defects


  • increased and prolonged infections
Zinc  Sphotometrydog, cat, horse, cattle 1
  • suspected alimentary deficiency

sample material
= serum      EB = EDTA-blood     HP = heparin-plasma     NfFL = sodium-fluoride-blood     CP = citrate-plasma

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