Endocrinology / Diagnostics of drug levels



(Adreno-corticotropic hormone) 
(cooled, degradation by proteases may be possible) 
dog, cat, horse, other species on request 1diagnosis:
- Cushing's disease (almost always pituary dependent)
therapy control:
- Cushing's disease in combination with ACTH stimulation test
Cortisol   S
(EP, HP may be used) 
CLA dog, cat, horse, cattle, other species on request1diagnosis:
- low significance of single value determination due to episodical secretion.
-  screening tests according to
- ACTH-stimulation-test
- cortisol-/creatinine-ratio
- dexamethasone suppression test (low or high dose)
- very low cortisol concentrations (single value determination sufficient) indicate recent application of corticosteroids.
- sample must be taken in the morning because of circardian rhythm
Digoxin  SCLA dog, cat  1therapy control:
- at the earliest 7 days after first application and approx. 6-8 hours after last medication
- additional therapy control advisable if symptoms like cardiac arrhythmia, intestinal or renal problems as well as weight gain or loss or general worsening of symptoms occur.
(free thyroxine 4)  
(EP, HP may be used) 
CLAdog, cat, horse, other species on request 1

- single value determination: fT4 is dependant on the metabolic situation and influenced by nonthyroid illnesses (the same as T4).- diagnosics for questionable cases: TRH-stimulation test or determination of  K-value

Insulin    SCLAdog, cat ferret, other species on request 1diagnosis:
- suspected insulinoma; concentration significant only if glucose level is determined simultanously.
- centrifuged serum sample is absolutely essential.
(Insulin-like Growth Factor 1)   
SCLAdog, cat, horse, other species on request 1diagnosis:
- dwarfism (juvenile animals), changes in hair coat, acromegalia (adults)
- single value determination: may be decreased, xylazin stimulation test for diagnosis of questionable cases is suggested
Estradiol-17 bS
(EP, HP may be used) 
CLA/RIA dog, cat, ferret, horse, other species on request 1-7diagnosis:
- dysfunctions of reproductive cycle (multiple testing necessary), diagnosis ORS (ovarian remnant syndrom - dog), ovarian neoplasia, ovarian cysts, pregnancy testing (goat)
- suspected Sertoli cell tumor
- ferret: additional diagnosic parameter for Cushing's disease
Estrone sulfate
(= E1S)   
(EP, HP may be used)
urine, faeces 


horse, other species on request 3
  • Pregnancy determination for the mare.
  • Estrone sulfate serum concentration are elevated in pregnant mares and are excreted via urine and faeces. Estrone sulfate is produced by the fetus from around day 50 of the pregnancy. Following fetal death or resorption concentration levels drop back to base levels within a few days.
intact parathyroid hormone = parathyroid hormone 

S (send cooled,
centrifuged or frozen)    

- hyper- / hypoparathyroidism.
- evaluation of changes in serum concentrations only in combination with calcium and phosphate  levels.
Phenobarbital   S
(EP, HP may be used)
1therapy control:
- serum concentration monitoring:   phenobarbital and primidone (in the dog primidone is metabolized to phenobarbital immediately) not earlier than 1 week after initial treatment.
- sample can be taken any time after drug application.
(Pregnant mare serum gonadotropine or equines chorionic gonadotropine)   
SEIAhorse1Indicative of pregnancy between days 40 and 120. Levels remain elevated for quite some time even if fetal death or resorption occur.
Relaxin    lithiumheparin-plasma

serum (preferably centrifuged within 10 minutes and cooled during storage and shipping)
 Immunoassaydog, cat1diagnosis:
detection of viable puppies from day 25 after conception.

- Cave: time of mating and conception may differ, the increase may individually be slightly delayed. Negative test results of potential early pregnancies should therefore be confirmed by subsequent samples.
( Trijodthyronine
(EP, HP may be used) 
CLAdog, cat, horse,
other species on request 
- hyper-/ hypothyroidism  (additional test, peripheral transformation of T4 to T3 only in case of demand, only minor thyroid secretion)
therapy control:
- blood sample should be taken 4 hours after oral application of  Liothyronin (dog)
(Thyroxine total)   
(EP, HP may be used) 
CLAdog, cat, horse,
other species on request 
- hyperthyroidism, mainly cat, rarely seen in dogs, single parameter testing sufficient.
- hypothyroidism mainly dog, rarely other species, single parameter testing of little significance, additional TSH determination or TRH simulation test suggested.
therapy control:
- blood sample should be taken 4 hours post thyroxin medication (dog) or 3 days after beginning methimazole treatment (cat)
Testosterone  S
(EP, HP may be possible)
CLA, RIAdog, cat, horse, other species on request 1 day or
7 days (horse)

- monitoring of endocrine functions of the testicles, ovarian tumors of the mare, differentiation of cryptorchid and castrated animals- in questionable cases HCG- or GnRH stimulation tests are suggested.

(Trypsin-like Immunoreactivity)
SCLA, EIA dog, catdog: 2 days
cat:: 3 days

- exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (most sensitive test), pancreatitis dog and cat.

Troponin I   
SCLAdog, cat, horse 1diagnosis:
- acute myocardial damage (highly specific myocardial parameter )
(thyreoidea- stimulating hormone)   
SCLAdog only 1diagnosis:
- hypothyroidism (only in combination with T4  or fT4.  > 25% of hypothyroid dogs have TSH values within norm values).
 Tumor markers AFP

(EP,HP may be used)



dog, cat, horse,


other species on request

- in human medicine applied for diagnostics of liver tumors.
- in dogs benign hepathopathies may also result in slight elevations.
therapy control:
- with preceding positive findings after surgery and/or chemotherapy the concentrations should be within the standard range.
- relapse control (every 6 months)
Vitamin B12 and folic acid        S
(EP, HP may be used)
CLAdog, cat, other species on request 1diagnosis:
differentiation of malabsorption and bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine.



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