We charge using monthly invoices we send directly to the clinic. The prices we charge are listed on our order sheets and are reported on the lower end of the report as well. On each invoice we give detailed information on the costs per patient and per parameter. Additional charges may apply in countries where we offer a pickup for the samples.
For information on prices you are welcome to contact us or even register in the vets only part of our website to download order sheets.
Money transfer can be performed easily by either using our local account or credit card (please note: additional charge of Euro 2,10 will apply for payment via credit card).


Discount is given according to the monthly turnover- starting with 3% for the equivalent of 153 Euro net and reaching up to 12%.  


In case of any questions or bookkeeping service is happy to help. Please mail or call or send a fax.

phone: +49-971-720222
fax: +49-971-720992
Email: buchhaltung

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