Genetic tests

Development of genetic tests

LABOGEN has long standing experience in development and performance of genetic analysis. This is expecially true for hereditary diseases, analysis of coat colors, DNA profiles and parentage reports as well as sexing of birds. Quality control in our lab is based on accredited procedures according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 which means completely standardized and recorded procedures plus external control by reviewers. On top of that we are member of the ISAG. Quite unique: performance of any test result in our lab includes not only daily control schemes but also replicates of each test in order to document conformity of the data prior to notification. A special service: we store DNA samples up to 10 years for any new request (either parentage or hereditary disease) to run with the same animal. A new sample collection is usually not needed. As in any other lab test the quality of the sampling procedure as well as of the material itself is of greast importance to carry out tests successfully. As an aid for good quality sampling procedure we have reated a guideline you can load down (referred to as guideline for sampling procedures). In case of any questions prior to sampling or in interpreting the results our experienced team of veterinarians and biologists is happy to help. Department of molecular biology 



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